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              +86 400-821-9890


              We are devoted to providing the most comprehensive and
              accurate molecular diagnostic information for every cancer
              patient and for physicians to help patients get
              personalized treatment.


              Genomic Testing

              We collaborate with hospitals and
              institutes by providing
              comprehensive genomic testing in
              our CLIA-certificated and CAP-
              accredited laboratory.


              We partner with pharmaceutical
              companies all over the world throughout
              research, biomarker-driven drug
              development and commercialization of
              new cancer therapies.

              Big Data Platform

              As one of the largest genomic
              datasets in China, we build datasets
              of Chinese cancer patients to
              advance medical research and new
              drug development.

              Genomic Testing

              We provide comprehensive tumor genomic testing to assist in personal treatment
              approaches that are recognized as targeted therapies and immunotherapies.

              Biomarker Discovery

              Fusion-Based Biomarkers
              for Targeted Therapy

              We have integrated DNA and RNA sequencing results
              for detection of fusion genes with higher sensitivity.

              IO Biomarkers

              We have leveraged multiple techniques (DNA, RNA,
              IHC, etc.) to help identify immunotherapy-related
              biomarkers for our patients.


              OrigiMed has 43,000 square feet of lab
              space which has been built in line with
              international standards and 54,000 sq.ft
              of office space.

              43,000 sq.ftLab Space
              4PBStorage Capacity
              110 TFLOPSTotal Peak Performance
              2,304 CoresCPU Core Number
              20.4 TBTotal Memory


              by The College of
              American Pathologists

              by The Centers for
              Medicare & Medicaid


              CSCO-OrigiMed Cancer
              Genomics Data
              Platform for Chinese
              cancer patients

              New Clinical Trial
              Sharing Platform

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