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              +86 400-821-9890


              We strive to push the edge of precision medicine
              with our upmost sincerity.

              Genomic Testing

              OrigiMed collaborate with hospitals and institutes by providing comprehensive genomic
              testing in our CLIA-certificated and CAP-accredited laboratory. Our tests provide information
              about clinically relevant biomarkers and genomic alterations to help match patients to
              approved targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and clinical trials-giving physicians and
              patients powerful actionable insights for navigating cancer care.


              Major Cities




              Collaborating Physicians


              Cancer Subtypes



              Pharmaceutical Partnership

              OrigiMed is a partner for biopharmaceutical companies to help accelerate biomarker-driven drug development. With our ever increasing in-house database and trustworthy partnership with physicians, medical centers, and academic researchers around the world, we are helping and will continue to help more biopharmaceutical companies drive precision medicine forward with better patient results.

              By utilizing our big panel comprehensive genomic profiling tests, we support genomic screening for patients to get access to clinical trials, retrospective analyses, and sponsor-initiated research studies. In addition to screening and sequencing, OrigiMed also offers expertise and in-depth analysis of the genomic data we generate.

              Big Data Platform

              OrigiMed owns one of the largest genomic datasets specific to the Chinese population. The insight we derive from the database helps our partners to accelerate their precision medicine development with better patient outcomes, making us an invaluable source of genomic targeting for populations with high unmet needs.

              Oncology Knowledge Network (OKN) is the largest comprehensive genomic database paired with clinical information which includes pathological records, medical history and clinical outcome of reported Asian populations. The volume and capacity of OKN are constantly evolving at a rapid speed. OKN makes it easier than ever for physicians and scientific researchers to access clinical and genomic data for translational research, new treatment inspiration and biomarker development. With comprehensive and accurate genomic data in place, researchers could discover more underlying molecular mechanisms behind clinical symptoms. In addition, OKN provides molecular information solutions and clinical trial optimization. With our data, drug developers could re-classify patient cohorts based on both clinical features and genomic profiles. Biomarker-driven drug development will be faster and smarter. OKN provides a massive amount of data that was once unimaginable and helps biopharmaceutical companies and institutions to identify specific targeted agents for the Asian population.

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